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There are many houses that need new roofing in Calgary.  Sometimes the homeowners are not entirely sure if they should have the roof repaired or should they replace it entirely.

There are some signs that will tell you if your roof only needs a quick repair. Paying attention to the state of your roof will spare you the headache of ending up with a leaky roof. Look for curling or cracked shingles or black asphalt patches that show up under the shingles. Sometimes you will be able to fix a leaky roof with simply replacing a few shingles. However, most of the time shingles that are curling and are in bad disrepair are an indicator the roof most likely  outlived its longevity and the best course of action is to replace the entire roof.

It is much more economical to replace the entire roof before it shows signs of lots of damage than to leave it until it is in such a bad condition that it will require more work and more material to repair the layers under it and add a good quality roof. Most roofers in Calgary will give you the same advice.

The business of roofing in Calgary is very competitive and not all roofers are “equal”. Here are a few tips on how to choose.

  1. Insurance. Make sure the contractor has worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Ask to see the certificates and can even go as far as  actually calling the insurance company to confirm that they are valid.
  2. Price is important but make sure you are comparing “apples to apples”.  The promise of low price and quick job should be a red flag. Clients who are sold on price as their main criteria ultimately end up spending more money to fix problems.
  3. Hire Local. Your best bet is to hire a local roofing company who has an established business and reputation in the community.
  4. Check out Reviews.  There are many sources of reviews online. Are they consistent, are they credible and verifiable?
  5. Get contract details in writing. Also communication is very important. If the roofing company or contractor returning your calls promptly, is he providing you with the papers you asked.

Hope these tips about roofing and how to choose a roofer in Calgary help.

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