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City Boss Roofing in Calgary offers complete “Turn-Key” residential roofing solutions.



We arrive at the job site and close off the area for our trucks and materials to move on and off the job site freely and safely. We then proceed with setup and pre-roof inspection.


We remove all shingles, vents, rake edges, valley and drip edging to ensure a clean and usable surface to install the new underlayment.


We dispose of all old shingles and roofing materials into our dump trailers or small dump truck. On a shake roof we would have a bin dropped off at the project site until completion because of the volume that shake shingles take up.


Once the roof deck is completely cleaned of all debris, we inspect for any water damage to the roof decking, which may have to be patched, nailed down or replaced. The new roof installation process can then begin.


Drip edge is then installed along the eaves using 1-1/4″ galvanized roofing nails. Ice and water shield is also installed along the eaves and in valley areas and new vents are secured in place.


Starting at the lowest point of the roof we carefully arrange or stagger the shingles so the ends and the tab notches do not lie directly above gaps in the shingle below. The finished roofing solution is code compliant and ensures a pleasing textured and dimensional appearance for many years to come.


After the new roof installation is complete, a full clean-up of your property is done. A review of the completed work is carried out with the homeowner and our 5 Year Workmanship Warranty Certificate is issued.

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