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Many houses in Calgary got damaged by last year’s hailstorms keeping roofing contractors around the city super busy throughout the roofing season.

Are you one of the homeowners who’s getting a new roof and would like to see the progress of the roofing process from the bird’s perspective? Having a roofing job done on your house doesn’t happen every day. How about having pictures of it to keep? Sounds good, right?

Using drones in roofing

You have probably seen a drone before. A small or larger device flying in the air. There is actually a lot of different kinds of drones out there beginning with the toys for children ending with high tech drones used in military.

The drones that we use at City Boss Roofing are the photography drones that are able to deliver high resolution pictures of roofing. That way we are able to document how the roof looked before we started, how it looks with no shingles on at all and then of course the final result.*

roofing process
roofers in calgary

roof replacement progress
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Aerial roofing measurements

Many challenges in the roofing industry were brought by the COVID-19, making it harder to do in person visits and estimates. With the social distancing disrupting traditional methods of connecting with customers since last spring, the drones kept assisting us with roofing estimates that we offer to our clients for free.

They allow us to do aerial measurements and keep our roofers safe by discovering potential trouble spots before climbing up the ladder. The images would alert us on overhanging trees, fallen objects, or power lines as well.

Using drones for taking images of the roof, along with roof measuring software, also allows for more precise measurements than most people can achieve with a measuring tape.

calgary roofing company
new roof

Talk to roofing professionals

At City Boss Residential Roofing in Calgary, we are always here to answer your phone call and give you all the information you may need about your roof replacement. After taking the measurements we follow up with providing you with a free roofing quote. We will also show you, virtually or in person, samples of actual roofing styles and colour.

Not enough cash for a new roof? We’ve got your back with a “Book now, pay later” roofing financing. And whenever you are ready, we are here to start the job.

Call us today at 587-284-1544 or
request a Free roofing estimate by clicking Here.

*NOTE: Pictures of your home’s roofing process are a free bonus that we give to our customers. This service is not included in our quote because there is no guarantee that we will be able to use our drone on every house due to weather conditions or other restrictions. However, we will do our best to provide it to you when possible. 

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