Fall Roof Maintenance

Yes, Autumn is here.  Mornings are getting chilly, leaves are starting to change colors and the air smells different, fresh and crisp. For homeowners it is time of preparing their houses for the winter.roof maintenance tips Calgary

Ok, let’s grab the ladder and climb up to have a look at your roof.  It’s always better to discover the issues while they are still small and easy to fix and well before the snow starts falling. You should do at least these 3 things to make sure that your roof is ready for another Calgary winter (which can come anytime, as we all know :-)).

  1. Clean the gutters and downspouts

Clogged gutters do not serve their purpose, the rain won’t drain properly and overflowing water can seriously damage your foundation. First rake or blow the leaves off of the roof and then start at the lower end near a downspout. Scoop up loose large debris such as leafs, twigs etc. After that flush the fine material with the garden hose, it will also show you if there are any leaks.

  1. Check the shingles on your roof

Now when the roof and gutters are clean take a look at the shingles. Are there any missing, broken or any out of place? The surface should be even, so look for sagging or buckling spots. Any nails sticking out? Was there a lot of debris accumulating on the roof like leaves and sticks? Did the wind bring anything else onto the roof that shouldn’t be there? These can be sings that your roof needs some professional attention.

  1. Replace damaged roof shingles

Replacing missing, loose or otherwise damaged shingles on your roof during the Fall pays off. It will save you from doing emergency repairs in cold winter weather, at winter roofing prices; asphalt shingles can brittle in frosty conditions and can make them difficult to work with.

Have you noticed any other issues with your roof? Have you seen lots of asphalt granules in your gutters? Do your shingles have bare spots? Do you think the roof should be replaced before winter comes?

If you have a feeling that your roof needs some extra care do not wait until the spring comes, the harsh Calgary winter might cause more damage to your roof than you expect.  If you are not sure about the state of your roof, have it inspected by a professional.

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If you have other tips on how to maintain your asphalt roofing please share it. Leave us a comment.


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