How to Take Care of your Roof in Winter

When the snow covers the land and outside temperatures fall below zero, we all appreciate our warm cozy homes. The walls around us and the roofs above our heads are here to protect us from the whims of Mother Nature and we should provide the same protection for our homes. Particularly in winter months when the weather is harsher and our roofing is more likely to experience problems.

How to Take Care of your Roof in Winter, Calgary

Clean the Gutters

Every winter homeowners across the country spend millions of dollars due to weather-related disasters. Frozen gutters are one of them. So before the first snow falls, if possible, remove the leaves, branches and other debris from your gutters to allow the water from melting snow and ice flow freely and make sure the water drains away without pooling.  


Get Snow Guards

In places like Calgary where we experience frequent snowing and melting and snowing again, it’s a good idea to consider getting snow guards installed. Snow guards are placed on your roofs in areas where melting snow slides down in order to hold the snow in place until it drains off as water. They prevent damage to your roof and gutters and also impending injuries caused by falling ice and snow from the roof

Examine the Attic

To keep the heat in your home there should be enough insulation evenly distributed in the attic. Proper insulation will save you money on heating and prevent the development of ice dams. Ice dams can damage your roof. You can also tell if there is improper insulation distribution in the attic from the outside when there are visible “hot spots” where the snow has melted on the roof. Evenly snow-covered roof means that your attic is well insulated.  

Be Consistent and Stay Safe

Keep checking your roof and attic regularly throughout the whole winter.  After a storm check for signs of water damage under the roof vents and chimney. Small leaks may become worse if not repaired on time.  If there is a big layer of snow and you are concerned about getting your roof damaged by the heavy load do not attempt removing it by yourself.  It is safer to contact a roofing contractor or a qualified company to come over and remove the snow, or just wait until it melts.  

Your roof is crucial when it comes to protecting your home in wintertime. If you have any doubts about the state of your roof it is best to call professionals for an inspection. They know exactly what to look for and can give you the best advice to prevent serious problems. Your efforts to keep your roof in good shape will pay back by saving on heating and big repairs. Plus, you can stay warm and comfortable in your home.


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