3 reasons to check roofing reviews

3 Reasons to Check Roofing Reviews when looking for a roofing contractor in Calgary and Okotoks or anywhere else for that matter


Over 90% of consumers check roofing reviews already. Why? roofing reviews Calgary & Okotoks

It is always good to get a personal recommendation, but one opinion is usually not enough. What if your friend was just lucky with the company he hired? Or maybe your colleague wants to help her brother in law to get more business even though he is not the best at what he’s doing? With the online reviews you can get much more independent information and answers to some of the questions you might have before even talking to the company. The roof is a fundamental part of your house, so don’t hire the first guy who knocks on the door, but do your online reviews research first.

  1. Know who you hire

Is the roofing contractor licensed? Unlicensed roofer may be cheaper but in the long run might cost you twice the money for the repairs caused by improper installation. You don’t want to hire someone who is not trained on the products they use on your roof and lose the extended warranty offered by a manufacturer. From the reviews you can find out about the quality of their job, if they meet the deadlines or how flexible they are in case you want to make some changes.

  1. Get the best value for your dollar

If you see roofing reviews like “good work, good price or excellently done job for fair money”, you are probably on the right track. Also check if the price estimate the roofing contractor gives is detailed and there are no hidden costs so you are not surprised with extra costs at the end. Be wary of price only decision.

  1. See how they respond

Of course, not all the reviews are positive. People like to criticize and point out shortcomings, but if you see the same type of complaint, have a look at the reaction of the roofing contractor. Do they ignore the complaints or respond with offering reasonable explanation and solution of given problem? If the negative comments are about the discrepancies in the contract though, it’s probably better to start reading reviews of some other company.

Online roofing reviews are important for both the customers and businesses. These days people trust the online reviews same or even more as personal recommendations. But reviews are not bullet proof. After you do your online research and reviews, contact 2-3 chosen companies, compare their estimates and if you can, take a look at some of the houses they have worked on, good roofing companies post their work on their website or social media. And when your own roof is replaced, don’t forget to write a review!

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Here is a recent review for City Boss Roofing on HomeStars (click to see the original).

             “I had City Boss replace shingles on my house and double garage. I asked for quotes from several ‘roofers’.

When I reviewed my quotes I chose City Boss. Why?.

First of all when Jordan came to give his quote he came right on time as per our appointment.

He explained what his company would install and most important why – (by product and service and need and not by price).

He answered my questions without trying to impress me with his “salesmanship” knowledge and suggested the product that would be the best for the money.. ( price of course being the final measuring stick)

I made the right choice, choosing City Boss. The crew came early( not too early) and by the end of the day finished the job . They cleaned the yard and carefully dragged magnets for nails. The crew worked together well and were quiet and there was no profanity. Jordan came in sort of mid-job and checked the work and was in and out through the day. I was comfortable and satisfied with choosing City Boss Roofing and Jordan.”


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